Airdrop Clipboarder

Thanks to this Open Source application (downloadable under the video) filling in the Airdrops forms becomes child’s play, faster and less restrictive 🙂

Rather than give you a long speech, watch my video. Subtitles coming soon.

Download, click on the image below:

Checksum Integrity Verifier:
File Version: 1.0
MD5: 4FEC63BE0C3295381B2F833A635D218B
SHA1: 98E3918CF1EE43C8D74882B6DE26924849DBCB6E
CRC32: BF10933F
Size of the executable: 407 Ko (416.768 octets)

All older versions are available here. (Source code)

Warning: If you want to be sure to have a clean executable that matches with the sources available on our GitHUB, don’t download this application to another site. We are not responsible for any infection of your PC if you download this application on another site. is the only official website for this application. So beware of the suspect fork !

Change Logs :

[17/06/18] : First commit. Release Version 1.0.

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