Data extraction from your Nikobus installation

For this tutorial you will need a cable RJ11 / RS232, If you don’t have one, no problems, here is a tutorial explaining how to do it self 🙂

Note that your Nikobus electrical installation must include a PC-Link module.

Download the Nikobus application on the site of Niko of on this link.

Unzip the downloaded file with 7Zip or your favorite software.

Install the Nikobus application on your computer.

Connect the RJ11/RS232 cable to your PC-Link (RJ11) and your computer (USB).

Start the Nikobus application.

If you don’t have a project representing your electrical installation “Niko”, select Open new project and click on OK.

Click again on OK to close the “project info” window.

Click again on OK to close the window of presentation.

In the toolbar at the top, click on the button Link.

The application will establish a connection between PC and the Niko PC-Link.

If you receive an error message “COM port cannot be opened“, click on Program, then Port, and finally Search for additional COM ports.

Once the research is completed, go to Programm, thenPort, and select the available port, COM1 on the image above.

Another solution,go to the properties of your USB/RS232 adapter and change the COM port on which it communicates, by default the Nikobus application communicates on port COM0 or COM1.

Now let’s find the addresses of your modules Niko, there you have the choice :

1: Select Program then Read the overview of the project from the PC-LINK

The application will download the configuration of the various components of your electrical installation.

Once the projectdownloaded, on the left of the screen you have the list of all your modules Niko.

Select a module, the right part of the window shows you the data of the selected module.

At the top right, Click the address/parameters, a new window appears, and here you have the address of the module.

Do the same for all your electrical relay modules.

2: Another possibility to find addresses.

SelectProgram, thenAssignment of addresses.

At the bottom left clickListen.

Now go to your electric box and press 3 seconds on the button Mode of your relay modules.

Go back to your PC and in the left part of the screen you will have the list of your relay modules with their addresses.

For the address of your PC-Link , press the Center button until the option Send ID, then press the button V.

To terminated, click again on the button Listen, then on OK, and close the Nikobus application

Here you have all the addresses of your modules.

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