Quick activation of SSH

[Last updated: 02/12/2019]

It is possible to activate the SSH directly after the installation of the OS on the SD or micro SD card.

The advantage is that you no longer need to connect a keyboard and screen for the first connection to your Raspberry Pi.

To do this :

Once you have installed Raspbian on your SD or micro SD card, go to the driver that was created and which should be called “boot”.

If you do not see this player, unplug and reconnect your SD card to your computer.

Once inside, create an empty file named “SSH” without extension.

To do this, right click, select “New” then “create a” text document, rename it to “SSH” and delete its extension ** and press ENTER.

Windows informs you that if you create a file without extension, it may be unusable and asks you if you want to create it anyway, click “Yes”.

**: If you do not see the extensions of your files, in the file browser, click on “File” and then on “Change file and search options”.

In the new window, go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box “Hide extensions of files whose type is …”

That’s it, now you can create the “SSH” file 🙂

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